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Both in Sweden and Finland major mining and metal extraction industries have been in operation over many centuries. For much of the twentieth century these industries were primarily controlled by large Nordic companies and para-state organisations, with exploration largely driven by the need to support the existing mining and metal extraction infrastructure. As a result, the metallogenic potential of the Fennoscandian Shield, which extends across much of Sweden and Finland, remains under explored, in comparison to other similarly endowed Shields in Africa, Canada and Australia.

In the mid 1990’s there was a change in government policy to encourage broader based participation in the Nordic mining industry. Attracted by the potential, Dragon Mining has now been active in the Nordic Region since 2000, is an established gold producer and has the experience and projects to continue its growth.

Dragon Mining’s strategy is for production growth from its two Production Centres, ensuring that both Centres have a highly prospective land holding that would allow each to grow. Svartliden in northern Sweden was the first of these Production Centres to be established, commencing operation in 2005, whilst Vammala in southern Finland became the second, recommencing operations in 2007.

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