ASX Releases 2014

19 Dec 2014Radiological Baseline Study Report for Kuusamo Completed
15 Dec 2014Lapse of Options
1 Dec 2014Extension to sale agrerement for Weld Range Metals
26 Nov 2014Second tranche of shares in Aurion issued
31 Oct 2014Quarterly Activities Report - Sept 2014
13 Oct 2014DRA_Weld Range Extension
9 Oct 2014Ceasing to be a substantial holder
6 Oct 2014DRA_Weld Range
3 Oct 2014Appendix 3Y-AGD
3 Oct 2014DRA-Change in substantial holding
1 Sep 2014EUG: Sale of shares in Dragon Mining
22 Aug 2014Weld Range Amendment
11 Aug 2014DRA_Withdrawal from the Harpsund Joint Venture
5 Aug 2014DRA Restatement of 2013 Financial Result
31 Jul 2014Quarterly Activities Report June 2014
4 Jul 20142014-07-03_DRA-Weld Range
13 May 20142014-05-13_DRA_ASX_Results of Annual General Meeting
30 Apr 2014DRA Quaterly Report March 2014 Final
10 Apr 2014Annual Report - 2013
10 Apr 2014Notice of Annual General Meeting/Proxy Form
8 Apr 2014Ore Reserves for the Production Centres
31 Mar 2014Executive Management Changes
28 Mar 2014Further Significant Intercepts from Kuusamo Gold Project
19 Mar 2014Appendix 3Z Mr M Mäkelä
19 Mar 2014Resignation of Director - Mr M Mäkelä
18 Mar 2014Mineral Resources for the Production Centres Updated
18 Mar 2014Resource Updates for the Stormi and Ekojoki Nickel-Copper Deposits
18 Mar 2014Resource Updates Lift Kuusamo Ounces
14 Mar 2014Covering Announdcement and Appendix 3Y_Peter Gunzburg_14 March 2014
5 Mar 2014Aurion to acquire Northern Finland Projects
28 Feb 2014Preliminary Financial Report and Annual Financial Statements
24 Feb 2014Interim Report Received for the Kuusamo Mine Project Radiological Baseline Study
24 Feb 2014Reduction in Director Fees
13 Feb 2014Final Directors Interest Notice
13 Feb 2014Initial Directors Interest Notice
13 Feb 2014Lapse of Options
7 Feb 2014Takeover Panel Declines to Conduct Proceedings and Chairman Resigns
7 Feb 2014TO Panel Media Release - Panel Declines to Conduct Proceedings
4 Feb 2014Lapse of Options
3 Feb 2014Application to Takeovers Panel
3 Feb 2014
Takeover Panel Receipt of Application
29 Jan 2014Investor Presentation - Swedish Mining Conference
29 Jan 2014Quarterly Activities Report
21 Jan 2014Robust Intercepts Received from Orivesi Gold Mine
21 Jan 2014Shareholder Statement
3 Jan 2014Final Director's Interest Notice

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