Dragon Mining’s operations are focused on maximising safety performance, environmental performance, and cost efficient production.  Cash generation comes from its two established Production Centres, the Vammala Production Centre in Finland and the Svartliden Production Centre in Sweden. 

Since 2005 these Production Centres have produced in excess of 600,000 ounces for the Company.  The Vammala Production Centre consists of the Vammala Plant and the Jokisivu and Orivesi Gold Mines. The two underground mines each operate in the 100-200ktpa range to supply the 300ktpa Vammala Plant. Two types of products are produced at Vammala, a direct sell gravity concentrate (minor) and a floatation concentrate (major). The majority of the floatation concentrate stream is transported to Svartliden for processing through the CIL plant and ultimately sold as gold Doré.  

The Svartliden Production Centre consists of the 300ktpa Svartliden Plant that has processed ore from the Svartliden Open Pit and Underground Mines. The Carbon In Leach (CIL)  Plant with its existing infrastructure and permits for Tailings Storage and Water Treatment is a key strategic asset positioned to unlock the potential of nearby mineral resources, including the Fäboliden Gold Project. The Svartliden Production Centre also contributes significant value to Dragon Mining’s operations through the processing of the Vammala floatation concentrates rather than expensive third party smelter alternatives.

Operations focus on Safety is visible in very low Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR). The Jokisivu Gold Mine has achieved over 3 years of underground mining activities without a single Lost Time Injury, contractors included. This outstanding performance is possible through the development of Safety Culture and effective safety management that involves all personnel including contractors. Internal bench marking and a centralised operations management group encourages inter-site collaboration further enhancing the Companies safety performance. It is management’s realistic objective to continue improving and reduce the Groups 12 month rolling LTIFR to zero. Environmental performance is another key aspect of Dragon Minings Operations. 

Environmental performance is monitored and reported as a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) alongside Safety, Productivity, and Cost KPI’s. By ensuring operating sites perform to a high standard, Dragon Mining is able to demonstrate its commitment and ability to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. The company considers the performance of existing operations is vital for the successful permitting and development of its future operations. It is management’s objective to add value through reducing risks to the environment which in turn reduces risks to shareholders and all other stakeholders of Dragon Mining’s operations and projects.

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