Svartliden Production Centre


The Svartliden Production Centre is located in northern Sweden, 700km north of Stockholm and southwest of the world class Skellefte Mining District.

The Centre was brought into production in March 2005 and represents the first integrated mine and treatment plant to be developed under the new Swedish Environment and Mining Acts.  At the completion of processing ore from the Svartliden Gold Mine, 377,347 ounces of gold had been produced. Subsequent to this, the Svartliden Plant has been utilised to process gold concentrates from the Company’s Finnish operation and external groups.

The Svartliden area has been a focus for exploration following the discovery of gold bearing boulder samples in the 1980´s. The Svartliden gold deposit was first drilled  in 1995 and Dragon Mining acquired its initial interest in the project in 2000. The Company now holds a 100% interest in the Svartliden Production Centre, which compromises the Svartliden Plant, the Svartliden Gold Mine and the advanced Fäboliden Gold Project.


The Svartliden Plant is a conventional comminution and carbon in leach (CIL) circuit with a design capacity of 300,000 tonnes per annum.
With the completion of mining at the Svartliden Gold Mine, the Svartliden Plant continued to operate treating low grade stockpiles, gold concentrates from the Company’s Finnish operations and external groups.

Ore MilledTonnes2,468,731324,623

Average Head Grade (Ore)g/t Gold4.
Gold Produced (Ore)Ounces315,12235,75021,4105,065
Cash Costs ***USD/oz8189821,080
External Concentrate processedTonnes3,8551,352
External Concentrates GradeG/t Gold92.599.6
Gold ProducedOunces10,2494,013

* 9 months production in 2005
*** C1 Cash Costs (definition as set out by MackenzieWood)


In late 2012, a positive court ruling in respect of the new Environmental Permit application was received. This permit allowed unrestricted underground mining and set more realistic discharge conditions. The new discharge limits are amongst the lowest of any mining operation in the Nordic Region. The new permit is of great strategic value for the Svartliden operation, and the positive ruling demonstrates the operations ability to successfully consult with permitting authorities and stakeholders.

The site has been operating under the new permit since 1 March 2013, and all discharge levels are lower than permit conditions.

Before being pumped to the Tailings Storage Facility (TSF), process water is first treated to remove arsenic and cyanide in a two-stage detox facility.

The Svartliden Water Treatment Plant has been established to treat process water that has accumulated in the TSF and enable these waters to be discharged into the Clarification Pond.  It represents a substantial and material commitment to the long term rehabilitation of the operation.  The Svartliden Water Treatment Plant is considered state of the art in both metal removal and biotreatment of nitrogen compounds and is key to meeting the strict discharge limits for the operation. Treated water from the TSF is now discharged to the Clarification Pond in accordance with the Environment Permit.

For treatment of mine water and drainage from the waste rock deposit Svartliden is operating a very effective PH adjustment and sedimentation treatment facility. Water exiting this treatment facility has extremely low metal levels and these levels are further reduced in the Clarification Pond prior to discharge from site.

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