Jokisivu Gold Mine


The Jokisivu Gold Mine(“Jokisivu”) is located approximately 8 kilometres southwest of the Huittinen town centre, some 40 kilometres southwest of the Vammala Plant in southern Finland.

Jokisivu Gold Mine Location

The first indication of gold mineralisation in the Jokisivu area was obtained in 1964, when a local youth sent a gold-bearing boulder to an ore prospecting competition. Outokumpu Oy began exploring the area in 1985 and continued sporadically until late 2003 when Dragon Mining acquired the project.

Jokisivu comprises two deposits, Kujankallio and Arpola that are approximately 200 metres apart.  Dragon Mining commenced open-pit mining of the Kujankallio deposit  in 2009 and underground development  in 2010.  The Arpola deposit was mined by open-pit methods in 2011, with underground development commencing in 2014.

The Jokisivu deposits represent structurally controlled orogenic gold systems located within the Palaeoproterozoic Vammala Migmatite Belt.  Gold mineralisation at both Kujankallio and Arpola is hosted within relatively undeformed and unaltered diorite, in 1 to 5 metre wide shear zones that are characterised by laminated, pinching and swelling quartz veins.

The Kujankallio deposit has been shown by drilling to extend 590 metres in depth, the Arpola deposit is defined by drilling over a 310 metre vertical extent from surface. Both deposits remain open with depth and partially along strike.


Production from the Jokisivu Gold Mine commenced with open-pit mining of the near surface portion of the Kujankallio deposit in September 2009.  A portal for the decline was established at the eastern most end of the open-pit at a depth of 35 metres.

The near surface portion of the Arpola deposit was also mined by open-pit methods in 2011. Underground development of the Kujankallio deposit commenced in 2010 and at Arpola in 2014. Underground access to the deposits is obtained from the decline, which is developed down to the 500m level.

Jokisivu Gold Mine


Underground diamond core drilling at Jokisivu has continued during the first half of 2020 with the completion of two campaigns that were designed to provide additional information to support future mine planning and development.

The initial campaign completed totalled 13 holes for an advance of 1,503.05 metres (“Campaign 1”) and was designed to target the Kujankallio Main Zone and Kujankallio Hinge Zone from the 495m level. The campaign yielded a number of significant intercepts greater than 1 g/t gold, including 2.50 metres @ 33.46 g/t gold, 3.95 metres @ 8.16 g/t gold and in the narrow high-grade category 1.15 metres @ 19.85 g/t gold, 0.60 metres @ 37.40 g/t gold, 1.00 metre @ 36.60 g/t gold and 0.90 metres @ 81.70 g/t gold. 

The second campaign comprised 5 holes for an advance of 548.60 metres (“Campaign 2”) that were drilled from the 470m level. This campaign targeted the Kujankallio Hinge Zone and returned a series of significant intercepts greater than 1 g/t gold, including 12.10 metres @ 3.07 g/t gold. 

The results received from the two campaigns are in line with expectations, providing additional information to improve confidence in the Mineral Resource in these areas in readiness for future mining studies.

Plan View of Completed Drilling Campaings

Drilling is now advancing on two further campaigns at Jokisivu - a 16 hole program drilled from the 510m level that is targeting the Kujankallio Main Zone between the 525m and 565m levels and a 20 hole program drilled from the 525m level directed at the Kujankallio Main Zone and Kujankallio Hinge Zone between the 510m and 590m levels. At the completion of these campaigns, the drilling rig will move to the Arpola area to complete a campaign targetting the Arpola Footwall Zones between the 135m and 220m levels.

Resources and Reserves

The Measured, Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resources for Jokisivu totals 2,200 kt grading 3.8 g/t gold for 270kozs as at 31 December 2019. The Mineral Resource includes material from the Kujankallio and Arpola deposits and is inclusive of Ore Reserves. It is reported at a 1.5 g/t gold cut-off level, which is based on operating costs, mining and processing recoveries from Jokisivu actuals and a gold price of US$1,770 per troy ounce that has been extrapolated for the potential economic extraction of the resource at a level approximating 120% of the short term consensus forecast gold price of US$1,475 per troy ounce as at 13 November 2019.

The Proved and Probable Ore Reserve at Jokisivu totals 1,100 kt @ 2.8 g/t gold for 97 kozs as at 31 December 2019.  This has been reported at an economic in-situ stope ore cut-off grade of 1.9 g/t gold, which is based on a short term consensus forecast gold price of US$1,475 per troy ounce gold price as at 13 November 2020, a EUR:USD exchange rate of 1.12, process recovery of 89%, historical costs and mining factors.

For further information on the Ore Reserves and Mineral Resources for the Jokisivu Gold Mine refer to the Reserves and Resources page.


Jokisivu received an Environmental Permit in 2006, which was renewed in 2010. The operation continues to meet all of its permit conditions.

The presence of a flying squirrel population in the Jokisivu area is one of the principal environmental issues for the mine. The endangered flying squirrel is protected by the European Union´s Habitats Directive and the Finnish Nature Conversation Act.

A routine investigation into the protected species was conducted in the Jokisivu district during the second quarter of 2018. The results of the investigation indicated the flying squirrel population in the district is exceptionally dense and lively, due to the good nesting and nourishment opportunities on the mine site and surrounding areas.  The Company continues to consider, the flying squirrel and its habitat, in its everyday activities.

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